Your words send a message.
Strengthen that message with polished writing.

Inform. Instruct. Persuade. Entertain.

Say what you mean to say,
clearly, coherently, correctly, and consistently.

Kate Unrau, a professional editor in Toronto, can help.


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Why Hire an Editor?

You've already invested a lot of time in your work; now it's time to be sure you have everything just right. Your writing is a reflection of you. Will your readers get your message?

Editing is a process of refinement. An editor can help you say exactly what you mean, clearly and effectively. The precision of your message has a direct impact on your communications with clients and other readers.

Avoid embarrassing errors. Don't risk confusing your reader. Send a credible message that accurately reflects your professionalism. Achieve your communication goals with confidence, and save time and money by getting it right the first time.

Every project is a little bit different. For a free estimate, please contact Kate directly.


Copy Editing

Copy editing is more than just correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation! If you need help with proper word usage, smooth phrasing, clarity, continuity, or consistency, or if you want assistance establishing or maintaining a house style, eliminating jargon or bias, setting up a system of citation, or “Canadianizing” your content (spelling, usage, cultural references, and measurements), copy editing is for you. Ask Kate for details and rates.

Stylistic / Substantive Editing

Do you need help reorganizing your text? Is something missing in your content or structure? Or do you simply need to clarify your meaning and smooth your language? Look at the larger picture and go a little deeper with stylistic and substantive editing. With help from Kate, your writing can be sleeker and more stylish, no matter the content.


Proofreading is your last line of defence before you publish or present your materials. Have your edited manuscript checked for any remaining typos; spelling, grammar, or word-break errors; and widows and orphans. Kate will also ensure consistent formatting and confirm such details as correct head levels, running headers and footers, art placement, page references, and other components.

Manuscript Evaluation

Having trouble getting published? A manuscript evaluation diagnoses issues in a manuscript and suggests possible solutions. Receive feedback on the content and organization of your work, commentary on technique, style, voice, and tone, and an assessment of such aspects as characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, believability, and marketability. Kate is experienced in acquisitions and can help.

Writing Coaching

Do you need one-on-one help with your writing? Do you want to improve your grammar or style, but you don't know where to start? Are your clients missing your message? Do you have a story you can't seem to get quite right or a character who won't jump off the page? Using a combination of editorial suggestions and writing exercises, Kate can help you to take your writing to the next level.


Do you have another kind of writing or editing project in mind? Tell Kate what you're working on, and see if she can help. She's creative, and she loves a good challenge!

About Kate

Kate Unrau Professionnal Editor from Toronto

Kate Unrau is a professional editor currently based in Toronto. She was trained at Ryerson University's School of Publishing, where she won the Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Editing.

Kate loves to help people tell their stories. Her favourite things to edit are trade books (both fiction and nonfiction), and she works as an acquisitions editor for a small publisher. She also enjoys her work editing textbooks, scholarly articles, government documents, and a variety of corporate materials. No job is too big or daunting, and she can always find time for little projects too.

Kate holds a master's degree in Violin Performance from the University of Toronto and maintains an active performance schedule. She is a member of the Editors' Association of Canada.


For more information or for a free estimate, please contact Kate.

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